Megan Losoncy

Hi! My name is Megan Losoncy and I am a freelance graphic designer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was born in Georgia, raised in Oklahoma, but I am an Okie through and through! I am graduating from the University of Tulsa in May of 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Graphic Design. TU has given me a holistic education in art which has allowed me to have design experience in photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and of course, graphic design. I have always had a heart for serving others and this is why I have done a lot of work in the non-profit industry including mission work in Peru and creative direction/branding for non-profit companies.
However, the non-profit industry is not the only industry I have designed for. Other areas of work include arts and culture, education, technology, telecom, and many more. No matter the project or the client, I love working with everyone and welcome fun, creative, and innovative projects, which is why I have loved working with OVAC on their Momentum 2021 exhibition.