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Amber's proposal involves creating three pieces of original art, audio files, videos, and educational resources correlating to her tribal affiliations of Navajo, Sac & Fox, and Prairie Band Potawatomi. With the help of her family, she will use the languages, music and knowledge of traditional art-making to share her Native languages with others.

“I am very thankful to OVAC and this year’s Momentum curators for this amazing opportunity to be a Spotlight Artist. I was so excited to receive the call that I was accepted, and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunity to represent my art and my Native American people.”

Keep up with Amber's work by visiting or follow @aldthewoods on Instagram.

Andrea's proposal investigates human and animal hybridity as a result of personal and corporate pollution, corruption and ego. Her project will use transparent canvas and light to to illuminate the "merging" of human and animal bodies, asking viewers to question when the body stops being an "animal" and becomes "food."

"I am thrilled and honored to be a Spotlight Artist in Momentum and given the platform to be a voice for the voiceless through my art. I hope that my work can spark empathy, thought, and consideration for animals so often left out of conversations of equality and justice.”

Keep up with Andrea's work by following @theandreagayle on Instagram.

Marium's proposal documents her experience as a Pakistani-American artist, who was born in Long Island, New York, and has grown up in New York, Florida, and Oklahoma. Her project will be a triptych suspended from the ceiling; one side of which will be filled with her memories growing up in America, and the other which will show Pakistan in three different time periods.

“Momentum is an opportunity to connect with creatives who have their own beautiful voices to share. It is a chance to connect to an audience and be grounded by our shared human experiences of solitude, togetherness, and longing."

Keep up with Marium's work by visiting or follow @mariumrana on Instagram.

Videos + Education

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